Commissioning a painting is a shared experience between myself and the buyer. Understanding how the
process works and what is expected from both the artist and the buyer is an important first step to a
successful creative adventure. Developing a solid communication forum is an essential. The following
description of the commission process outlines specific ways in which the conversation between
myself, the artist, and the buyer begins and is maintained throughout the commission process.

The buyer views my website ( to become familiar with my style of work and
to identify some possible prototypes for the commissioned work.  

The buyer and I meet or communicate through phone conversations and email about the subject of the
commission, canvas size, color, and characteristics of the environment in which the artwork will be
placed.  The buyer and I come to a tentative agreement on these specifications before proceeding to
the next step.

I send the buyer an invoice outlining the commission specifications including size, price, and time frame
for completing the work.  Pricing is based on the size and composition difficulty of the piece.  I will
provide an up-to-date price list.

The buyer sends me a 50% deposit to begin the work.  This enables us to have a mutual investment
in the work.  (This deposit does not include the shipping/handling fee which will be added to the final
invoice and will depend on the size and weight of the piece.)

I begin the work, sending the buyer updated descriptions and photographs throughout the development
process.  At each point in the process, the buyer makes suggestions regarding how the piece might
be fine tuned to incorporate his or her preferences.

When the painting is completed, and the buyer has given final approval, I finish the work with two coats
of finish.  The painting will need to dry for several days before it is shipped.

Before shipping the artwork, I send the buyer a final invoice.  When payment is received, the artwork
is shipped to the buyer.

Phone number available upon request

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