I am Jennifer Dahm also known as Radleyone. Art is my passion. It would not
be fair to say I chose Art because somehow it feels as if it chose me. I have
been an artist at heart for as far back as I can remember. I have always been
involved in some type of creativity. I received my Bachelors of Art Degrees in
both Art History and Studio Art from The University of Missouri in St. Louis (1986
- 1990). I also achieved an Associates Degree in Interior Design and
Communications at St. Louis Community College / Maryville University St. Louis
(1992 - 1994).

I've had an opportunity to visit many museums in Paris, Munich, Florence,
Venice, Murano, Switzerland and Rome, which certainly was a highlight in my
life. My quest for creative influences has taken me in many directions. St. Louis,
Missouri is where I call home. Here I share time with my family and two dogs.

Abstract Art seems to be where my instincts lead me as far as style. I love
playing with bold colors and raw textures. My paintings are spontaneous and full
of emotion. This I believe leaves a impression of heart and mind which captures
a truer representation of reality. I'm typically a "less is more" advocate. However
I do believe that a powerful art piece in a room can say everything. I enjoy my
paintings so much so that it is hard to let go of each one. They become a part of
me. But hopefully they contribute the same in their new homes.
a  b  o  u  t